FRAM SPI with Arduino Due

Dear Sirs;

I have one Adafruit SPI Non-Volatile like this:

and I want to use it with an Arduino Due.

I would like to test and understand the operation of the FRAM with the Arduino Due.

For this, I want to use the example of the library of the Arduino IDE platform.
I want to use the sample program called FRAMInfo.ino

To do this, the FRAM I should connect it to the Arduino Due using the SPI connection and then load the example sketch into the Arduino Due.

Once this is done, I would like to do tests with it and be able to understand how it works.

But I do not know how to do it, I can not find any help reference.

I only have this one here:

I would appreciate your help.

I want to know how to do tests with that example sketch mentioned.
Using that example sketch, if it works on the Arduino Due.

I suppose, that I must make the connections as it appears in this link:

then, load the FramInfo.ino example from the arduino examples library.

I would like to do tests, how do I read and write in my memory?
how does it work?

You can read and write FRAM using and fram.write() functions