(FREE robot arm provided)Recruiting Robot Arm Testers & Advisers!!


We’re developing a new version of open source desktop robot arm based on our latest product: the uArm Metal - watch video , official website


Could you help us improve by simply answering 4 questions? Do you want to be ONE of TEN “uArm Masters” globally to TEST uArm yourself?

If your answers are “YES”: 1. Enter here 2. Finish Q1-4, leave your contact info., and wait for your coupon of robotic products in our store, OR, Apply to be ONE of TEN “uArm Masters”by answering ALL questions and you will have the chance of getting a customized FREE uArm! (All applicants of “uArm Master” will also get coupons for finishing the questionnaire)

Recruiting time:NOW - June 30, 2016 UTC+8

What is “uArm”? The uArm is the world's first desk-top robot arm. The lastest version is called the uArm Metal. • CNC manufactured alluminum frame • 4-axis parallel mechanism • Integrated inverse kinematics • Open source (currently compatible with Arduino & Python)

What does it mean to be a “uArm Master”? TEST our latest uArm Metal & SHARE your ideas about it.

Privileges of “uArm Masters”: • A CUSTOMIZED FREE uArm Metal • Invited to participate in the R&D of our new product • Invited to be the first group of testers of our new product • Direct communication with the uArm Team, anytime • Included in a community with other makers around the world • A cool badge to confirm you as a uArm Master

Missions of“uArm Masters”: • Develop your own project with uArm within a month from the arrival of your uArm Metal. • Share your project with us in the form of code sharing, a blog post or/and a video showing your project! It will be great if you make a tutorial of your project and others can try making it! • Share your ideas about the uArm Metal with us!

Who can be a “uArm Master”? If you: • Have strong interest in the R&D of robotic application • Have experience in dealing with robots or open source hardware • Have experience in programming with Python or Arduino YOU ARE WANTED! Click here

Best regards, UFACTORY