Fresh out of the box issues with Arduino Wifi Rev2

Edit I found the solution, but am keeping the question so others may learn. The solution is to follow these instructions for the installation of WiFiNINA. Arduino - WiFiNINA

Decided to upgrade from the Arduino Mega to the Rev2 so I can practice and learn networking. I am using an example from Arduino's page (Arduino Cloud) to simply scan networks.

  1. First problem, it tells me I need a shield. Since this has embedded NIC I simply removed this line of code.

  2. I simply receive "Scanning for Networks..". Nothing can be found

  3. In another example project, I tried to connect to my home network. It simply says "Attempting to Connect"...


Atmel ATMEGA328
ATMEL atmega328p Explained Mini
Board is set to "Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2"

And finally, this is the product I am using:

Anyone have any idea how I screwed up a simple Hello World app? :o

I wonder if this is the problem? When I go to WiFiNINA FIrmware Updater, it says "Prorgammer not responding. Make sure that FirmwareUpdater sketch is loaded on the board".

You're using the wrong library. The WiFi library is for the retired Arduino WiFi Shield. The library to use for the Uno Wifi Rev2 is named WiFiNINA: