Gemma with Bluetooth for wearable device? (beginner question)

I have looked around quiet a bit (including on these forums) and haven't been able to find the answer to what I think it a relatively simple question:

Can I connect a Bluetooth module to Arduino GEMMA?

I know FLORA and Bluefruit LE work tightly together, but FLORA is too large for the project (small wearable device which will record heartrate via photoresistor and temperature via thermistor). I also know that some of the wearable-style Arduino models don't support powered Bluetooth (e.g. some of the Lilypad boards) but I couldn't find anything about GEMMA.

Basically what I need is a wearable device that semi-continuously records heart rate and temperature and sends that data via Bluetooth to either iOS or Android mobile devices. Am I barking up the wrong tree with GEMMA?

Any and all advice is much appreciated.

Klewachu: Can I connect a Bluetooth module to Arduino GEMMA?

I didn't try it, but I don't see a problem. You have to use SoftwareSerial though, so you will end up having only 1 pin for connecting your sensors. It will be tricky to connect a heart rate sensor and a temperature sensor.

lg, couka

Thank you for the advice! I didn’t realize I’d be left with just one pin, I think that’s a deal-breaker for us. I am going to look into small Arduino processors with built-in Bluetooth like Bluno Nano or RFduino I think, unless anyone can recommend a better option.

What about a Pro Mini or Micro? These are very small too and have plenty of I/O for your project.

lg, couka