Generic Storage

I'm new to arduino and after long searchs I can't find anything different from SD Cards...
Well I also found de EEPROM, but it's said its life cycle for RW is not so good.

For my current Frankstein project I need a simple storage, the cheapest, smallest, with Write and Read option, with a long durability.

SD Cards are expensive to my project and also I don't need 2Gb, I'm not sure yet but I belive 100mb is more than enough for my needs.

Is there any storage option for my needs?

I was thinking even in a RFID tag, but it will probably cause me more problems than solutions...

Tyvm, you guys with more experience can just list me a bunch of names and I will check each one of them. It's very hard to start on something that you know just a few key words to research about.

According to the man page, you can do 100k writes, which is a substantial number; reading is not limited.

If you use update instead of write, it will only write when the value you want to write is different from the one that's there already; that can help prolong things.

And of course you can use external eeprom.

not the ideal but is the best so far...

anyways, when I reach that limit the component will just bug right?
Even with unlimited reads, if I try to write in a old EEPROM it probably will corrupt the data.

if I can't find anything better I will have to try with this one. Ty.

when I reach that limit the component will just bug right?

I have no idea what happens, tbh.

I also don't know if it's 100k writes in total across the whole "bank" of eeprom, or 100k per address.

not the ideal but is the best so far...

You need to be clear on your requirements.

You appear to be considering EEPROM, but your first post has a requirement of 100mb (bytes or bits ?) that size of storage in EEPROM would cost a great deal to set up.

Yet SD cards, the obvious low cost choice are 'expensive'

FRAM would be the obvious alternative to EEPROM, but 100Mbyte would cost around £8,000 to setup.

You need to be clear on your requirements.

Sorry, idk it yet, all I know is 2gb is too much and 100mb (bytes) is enough but still, maybe too much.

I'll check that FRAM too, ty.

I think you may find that the SD card is your best choice. You can buy 128MB microSD cards on Ebay for about $1, plus maybe another dollar for the card holder. It is easily replaced if anything goes wrong. It doesn't matter if the card is too big. Just use what you need.

Two points I didn't see here:
EEPROM is guaranteed for 100k writes per address. It will last much longer, and I have seen tests where they wrote 1 millions + times to the same address.
You can also increase that life even further with some wear leveling techniques.

In one project i worked on we needed a long term counter (think hour-meter) so for wear leveling i wrote the value to 1 of 10 addresses randomly. Then simply read all the address and pick the biggest number. Vola, 10x on your eeprom life.

Secondly whats wrong with SPI flash memory?
64Mb / 8MB flash chips are a dime a dozen commonly used for bootloaders and such. Can be had in all form factors too. Adesto Technologies is my preferred brand :wink: