Geodesic dome with 3000 UV leds

I already built an art dome but now I want to light it up using UV leds and have each art piece talk to you and other art pieces. How I plan on doing it is using a rainbowduino controlling 192 UV leds for each pentagon and hexagon. Program each rainbowduino with a set of 6 or more patterns. Have 3 or 4 control lines that it listens on and depending on the binary input of those will cause it to do a different pattern.

Then have a megaduino or another master controller that has enough ports for all the binary control lines to control all the rainbowduinos (or maybe use 12C?) Then put an audio speaker behind each pentagon and hexgon and have recordings of skits so the artwork talks and lights up as its sync'd up with the master controller. Also I could sync it with a few songs.

Where would you guys recommend I start? All the code for the rainbowduino is really ment for the rgb leds and the color palette when I just need to be able to turn on or off specific leds (maybe intensity too) so I'm thinking I need to start from scratch.

Any help or push in the right direction would be immensely appreciated.

Where would you guys recommend I start?

I recommend checking the eye-safe distances for your LEDs.