Get data from barcode scanner to Arduino MKR NB 1500

Hello Everyone,

I am working on a project with a barcode scanner and arduino MKR NB 1500 as shown in the figure below.

We would like to place the arduino in the box and would like to get the data from the USB barcode scanner using a USB host shield ( Since both the scanner and the arduino boards are not hosts, we thought by connecting the board to a host shield (MAX3421E) we would be able to communicate with the barcode scanner. Could you please let me know whether the shield is compatible with our arduino board to get the data from the barcode scanner. Or is there a different USB host shield that is better suited for this application. We will connect the POS to the arduino using the board's native USB.

We are going with arduino MKR NB 1500 because we need the GSM module. Please let me know if you need more information from my side.

Specs Files:
Arduino MKR NB 1500
MKRNB1500_V3.0_sch.pdf (305.9 KB)

USB Host Shield
MAX3421E.pdf (373.9 KB)

I would think that the scanner is a klient in order to connect to a Pc.

Thank you for the reply, could you please elaborate.

What model scanner are you planning on using?
In my experience this is totally possible.
The two barcode scanners I've used before both had default baud rates of 9600.
I think a little googling will find you a few examples to work from.
After you make an attempt and have specific code questions, post them here for help.

Adding a host shield is correct.

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