Getting Started with Arduino in a Grade 5 classroom

I have been tasked with getting the Maker Movement going in my school and after experimenting with the Makey Makey, I have graduated to Arduino. I am looking to approach my superintendent for some funding but she is very particular about releasing funding. What I am hoping is that this forum can provide me with a link or information on what would be appropriate and useful to start a club. Of course some Arduinos but beyond that, what would you suggest? For example, LEDs, motors, lots of wire, breadboards, and???


Do you know ?

They provide among other topics also course-materials for arduino.
The materials in English are very good.

I'm going to give an arduino-course for 11-13yrs old children. I'm going to use Arduino Nanos and some electronic parts with pre-soldered jumper wires for directly connecting them to nano's pins.
The children have no prior knowledge of Arduino, programing or electronics. The experiments we are going to do are:
-"Touch-Sensor" (two metal stripes close to each other and connected by finger when touched )
-Tones with a loud-speaker

I hope this will fit in 2 hours.