Teaching Arduino: Looking for feasible projects for high schoolers

Hi all, I am teaching an electronics class with an Arduino component. I bought five starter kits and it has the basics. Can anyone suggest any projects that are cool and doable for high schoolers? For example, we just completed an electronic dice. Stuff like that.

Help me out! :)

Depends on the interest.
Most high schoolers have other interests.
There was someone here who wanted to use Arduino to pick up / impress his girlfriend some time back.
How about an RFID project to track the position of teachers , that should be a bit challenging.

Excuse could be so the BOSS could locate staff in an emergency.
Better for locating the weed users though.
Should generate some interest.

Hi, Can you tell us which starter kit, picture if possible, as there are so many different kits available?

Tom... :)

clocks. light/LED effects. Sound effects. Sequencers, theramins, etc. Alarms/sensors.

Use a sensor to set off a buzzer

What about linking it with "science"...

  • drop something and measure the time for it to fall
  • time its fall at 2 different places to show it accelerates
  • measure the temperature as something is heated


I have six of these kits:


Hi, Thanks for the link, how far does the tutorial you get with it go?

For example , they supply a temp/humidity sensor and a LCD display, is there a an example of them both together? Likewise the sonar unit and display?

Tom... :)

I start my 13th graders off with time keeping, buttons, potentiometers, I2C displays, and motor control.

The teacher locator sounds cool - I'd like to try that! Kinda harry potterish.

Once they do a guided project (or 2), they are ready to research & build their own thing.