Getting the quantified NTU of Turbidity sensor SKU SEN0189

The analog turbidity sensor uses voltage as means of portraying the turbidity of the water. However, it is more of a qualitative approach to evaluating the water quality instead of displaying the exact NTU. I would like to ask if there is any way to get the exact number of NTU?

Here are some references:

Sensors need to be calibrated in order to be quantitative and accurate.

In this case, that would involve making up or buying several different solutions with known turbidity, taking sensor readings, and determining the calibration constants for whatever equation you choose to correct the sensor readings.

5V function to calculate NTU:
y = -1120.4x² + 5742.3x - 4352.9

3V3 function to calculate NTU:
y = -2572.2x² + 8700.5x - 4352.9


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