Turbidity Sensor

Hello, I have any problem. How to convert and calibration Volt to NTU ?
please tell me

Take a sample with known NTU, measure the voltage coming out of your sensor. Do the same with a number of known samples and you have your answer.

I've tried in the DFrobot tutorial, but I can't yet change the volts to NTU
do you have coding for convert volt to NTU?
I really need it for my college thesis research

Can you read the sensor's output voltage? If so you can calibrate it yourself (see #2 on how to calibrate a sensor, this is universal). This shouldn't be a problem for a college student, especially one that is about to start their thesis.

If not, then it's time to read and follow these instructions and post the code you have, type and link to data sheet of your actual sensor, and any other information about the project.

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Yes, I can read sensor output with volt unit. But, can not process it to become NTU.
Where can I see what you mean "see # 2 on how to calibrate the sensor, is this universal" ?

Take a known sample, take reading. Datapoint 1.
Take another known sample, take reading. Datapoint 2.
If linear, all you now have to do is calculate the ratio between the two. If non-linear, take a few more such data points to get the calibration curve.
That's how you calibrate a sensor, any sensor. It's really that simple. Of course having known samples, in your case of known turbidity, is key.

In a thesis you are supposed to do it yourself. ....

Yes. I've tried and found the solution. Thanks for the suggestions and solutions