Gig for hire: Kite auto-pilot system.

Hello, looking for someone to help me replicate this: []]]( An auto-pilot system for a kite-boarding kite, to make the kite fly figure 8's. According to the YouTube video description, "required inputs are the acceleration, position, velocity, wind speed and orientation of the kite."

Great videos !

TU Delft is a well known Technical University in the Netherlands, by googling "laddermill ship tu delft" you can find more info on the mathematics behind this project. I wonder whether Wubbo Ockels, astronaut from the Netherlands, has been part of the project since he has been busy with kites for energy projects for quite a while.

As... kite-/sail-fanatic I must warn you.

Small kites are hard to control since they make very rapid turns, it may be hard to get a prototype flying. Larger ones are much easier to control but they're also stronger. Stronger may... seem better when generating power, but keep in mind that a kite as shown in the last video may even pull a parked car from its place with a sudden wind gust or when flown with too much wind.


I am working on a similar project, called robokite. The project is not finished but it can be a good starting point.

The project is host on github

There is a blog, but in french

The documentation should be on the wiki on github but is lagging behind what's on the blog.

Please feel free to give feedback or to ask to be involved in the project

nice project ,, 8) looks like a pipe with 2 engines ,, pulling the ropes ,, to left and right ,, i think the pipe has to be rotatable ,, because when you have to much wind ,, the kite wil fly over the system , and the pipe wil compesate this ,, by rolling whit the kite ,, when doing not so , it wil use more tension ,, on the engine , like to see this build !