Global Clock and Delay Function

Hi all, we are having issues on undestanding how to have signals at different frequencies while updating the loop function every few millisec. I.e. we want to have a led blink every second, while the loop function is updated every 50 millisec. So we set a delay of 50 millisec in the loop function, as we always did, and we wrote a LEDBLINK function that is called in the loop. Obviously we can't use the delay(1000) function in the LEDBLINK function, because this won't reloop every 50 millisec but every 2000. Regards Matteo Giordano

Soon you will be handed links to "Blink without delay" and "many things at a time" using millis(). But in the meantime, why do you have a 50ms. delay in loop? Does it have some purpose?

It was just an example to be easily understood. TY