Good board - cable connector


I am looking for a connector that is protected against polarity reversal to avoid melting the Arduino and some PSU connected to it. I found nothing helpful articles yet but I am sure there is something out. Thinking about using JST XH balancer connectors which I still know from my RC helicopters but perhaps there is a good and common solution.

It will be used for voltage measurement, I2C and Onewire connection.



I use those connectors for all of my projects and they work really well - I definitely recommend them

I'm a big fan of the 0.1" pitch IDC connectors for the common header pins because the cables are extremely easy to make and the parts and tool are cheap and readily available. The shrouded male headers are keyed so they can only be plugged in one way. The only downsides that make me consider other connectors is that they are only available in a minimum of 6 pin and they are a bit inconvenient to use with stripboard.