GPRS Shield Blew up

Hi All.
so i finally found some time to dabble in some arduino. i have a great project i'm busy with.....and i just blew it up!
I am using a GPRS shield v1.0 to send SMS's to my phone whenever the temperature of my fridges gets out of range for an extended period of time.
Got all programmed and ready to go, and as my moment of glory was about to dawn....., my mother phoned me.
so while talking to my mom on the phone and connecting a 9v power supply to my little project, unbeknown to me my concentration was not so concentrated any more (because i'm a man and cant multi-task) and i proceded to plug in the my 9v power suppy into the 5v GPRS shield power jack instead of the arduino 9v power jack - BOOM!
i'm sad and my fun is gone =(
My question is (please see the attached picture) what was this little poor component is blew up and can i take it out and solder in a new one and save shield and myself a whole lot of money.
PS this is my first electronic casualty ever.....oh except for one poor little led.
Please help...

as far as I can see, it's C3 (470µF) -
You can try to replace it (be careful, it is a polarized capacitor ! ) , but I'm afraid other devices didn't like the 9V . The 29302 and the 2 components in front of the left legs (c1 - c2 ?? ) seem ..... a little.....sick :grin:

You sure it's a cap? looks like a Schottky diode to me...

not 100% sure but 98% -
Look at this page, just after "Specifications"
it is labelled C3 .

and if you look at the schematic :


Its a tantalum electrolytic I think (they almost detonate on overvoltage, its possible it
saved the rest of the board).

Hi all.
Thanks for your feedback and help.
Yip those other components do look a little bit sick, but they're just suffering from a little bit of sunburn - that's all :smiley:
I figured out what that poor little creature Was that I blew to smithereens. Indeed it was a tantalum capacitor - quite a feisty little thing it was - kinda reminded me of the dwarfs from the Hobbit. Any way the poor thing is resting quite peacefully now.
So I didn't have any lying around, so I replaced it with one of the aluminum ones. (Please see attached picture) not sure if that is the right thing to do and what the difference is, but my shield is working, except for one of the ground pins, not sure why it's not working but the other one still does and my shield is merrily sending me SMS's every time the temperature reaches and stays above a certain point for more that 30min :slight_smile:

glad to hear nothing else has suffered...for now :grin:
We have a capacitors expert here ine the forum, who could tell exactly the actual advantages/inconvenients of using one technology or the other. The visual difference is obviously the size XD , but if you've replaced it with a one of the same value, and if it is rated 16V or more , it will work .
Maybe you should have a closer look to find out why the 2nd GND doesn't work anymore, and maybe fix it