GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield V3.0 with Arduino Uno

Hello Today i received GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield V3.0 , and i have Arduino Uno , i'm really newbie but i want to try it and how it works ? I still don't have power supply but i think i can power it from USB cable to Arduino. I will be glad to help me with any helpful information with Code, Tutorials Videos or something like this :) Thanks - GPS/GPRS/GSM Shield V3.0

That shield keeps cropping up a lot on the forum and is fairly uncommon. Ok, not as common as the SIM900 based shields!

There are some tutorials on the page you linked to. Try the Wiki link.

You really should get a power supply for it as soon as possible, they draw quite a bit of power. If you have very good reception it may work well enough to test it using USB power.

I have sample code to test it. Even you download library then you can put your doubts.

Below code is to test only GPS data, and GSM sheild code/ GSM sheild need to extracted to arduino library.
main_c code you can directly upload.

Make ensure you choose proper pin connection here. (56.5 KB) (1.78 KB)