Grounding with Arduino Uno

Hey so im brand new to arduino. Just got an Uno kit as a Christmas gift. My one question is how much grounding is required? It might be a stupid question but I've accidently fried a computer motherboard before due to insufficient grounding, and so I'm petrified to open up the kit until I know how much grounding is needed.

For the projects that come with the Arduino development software that involve simple circuits, all grounds must be connected together or the circuit won't work.

For motors and servos, always use a separate motor/servo power supply, and connect the grounds together. The Arduino cannot safely be used to power motors or servos, so ignore the many on-line projects that tell you otherwise.

If you are using the USB connector, the UNO itself is properly grounded, no additional grounds are needed. When you start putting together some of the circuits, they will grounded to one of the GND pins on the headers to complete the circuit.
If you use an additional power supply for high current projects, you have to connect that circuit back to the power supply ground, and also to the Uno ground pin. All circuits have to be a loop from power to ground with a load (your project) in between.

Follow the guides. Don't try to hook up a bunch of projects to the Uno at one time (power) without knowing how much power you are trying to use or you will burn it up.

Thanks guys for the replys, but do I have to physically ground myself to touch the UNO? I don't want to fry it

do I have to physically ground myself to touch the UNO?

Not a bad idea to do so, especially on dry winter days, or if you have floating inputs. "Static" sparks destroy boards.

However, I usually don't bother.

All the IO pins have protection diodes to clamp ESD spikes to with 0.5V of the applied voltage power. Unless you're doing your business next to a running Van de Graaff generator, you don't really have to worry about static.