GSM module not connecting to network

I'm trying to get the module to send an SMS to my phone but it's not even connected to the network.
The light blinks every second instead of every three seconds like tutorials are saying it should.
The model I'm using is SIM900A.
I've tried swapping out the antenna twice (the other antenna I used is beside the setup on the left)
I'm in Singapore. The sim card works perfectly fine when I put it into my mobile phone. I was able to send an SMS while it was in my phone. I bought the sim card quite recently, 5 days ago. I've included the card that contained the sim card in the top left corner of the image.
I also tried using an external power source (as shown in the picture)
but there is still no network connection
Can anyone help me figure out the issue? Thanks!

If You attach the code, yes. Othereise no. Telling what devide "module" is is also helpful.

Does your particular network still support 2G?