[ Guidance Needed ] How to make my own Arduino. (for USB com)

[ Reformatted for AWOL ] How to make my own Arduino hardware in it's simpliest way ? Can anyone Guide me ?

I've got the whole idea now with the 2 last posts, thanks for clearing everything up; Peace And have a goodnight everyone !

why you delete everything lol, i forgot most of it before writing it down; Sir can you rewrite the composant you wrote before, Atmega Avr microcontroller i guess ?

I think because you edited your first post, it made what followed nonsensical.

The Arduino is open source, so you can look up the schematics here: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Products

The other person posted this link to an Arduino on a breadboard, which shows what I was talking before: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Standalone

However, that is incomplete. There should be three 0.1uF capacitors added. One each from Pin 7 (Vcc) to ground, Pin 21 (ARef) to ground, and Pin 20 (AVcc) to ground.

My project consists of a steering wheel for games with many potentiometers and buttons; do you think that Arduino is the best choice for me? is there an alternative for the Atmega chip ? i also don't want to go with the Gameport and all these things so don't bother giving Arguments.

Arduino the -best- choice? In what terms?

It should be sufficient. It doesn't take much CPU power to keep up with input from a person.

There are a -lot- of alternatives to ATMega. PIC, Propeller, TI, ST, Freescale, Si Labs, etc. and more etc. It seems like just about every IC manufacturer has their own microcontroller.

For price, TI has an ultralow power 16 bit MCU, the MSP430, some versions way under one US dollar. The Propeller has 8 cores in an 80MHz chip for $8.

emm, i asked because i couldn't find that Atmel MicroChip anywhere around here :/ @raschemmel Thanks for the precise answer, and in terms of liability and ease of use... i mean from the Arduino software is it that easy to make the variables read by the Arduino chip rely and get recognized as a steering wheel with my os for it's particular drivers ? @polymorph

look, i found this website; is this the right microcontroler? Orbit-DZ MicroControllers

Link please? Am refering to this tutorial as a base http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-your-own-Arduino-board/?ALLSTEPS

i don't edit posts when they get 5 mins old.

Anyway you're just going offtopic everytime i just ask a question, can you leave it for someone else; thanks

ATMega8, sure. This page covers using it:


emm i learned alot from the link you gave me, thanks polymorph; I will try to find the Microcontroller before going any further, peace