Guidance needed to transfer a file up to SD card via Ethernet server

Hi All;
I have been working with an Ethernet Server on a Arduino Mega. I am trying to figure out to transfer a small file (20K or less in size) from my PC via a Web Browser to a SD card on the Ethernet Shield on an Arduino Mega.

From my PC I am able to view and download files from an SD card on the Ethernet Shield to my PC via a Web Browser.

From my Web Browser on my PC I would like to be able to select a file from a list of files on my PC and then transfer the selected file to an SD Card on the Arduino Ethernet Shield via the Arduino Ethernet Server.

If someone could provide some guidance on how to be able to upload a file to the Arduino SD card it would be helpful.

I have attached the sketch I am using to download files.

Thanks in advance;

DownloadFilesSampleWebPage.ino (7.92 KB)

You would do it the same way no matter where your server is (Arduino, cloud, etc.) Your browser has to do an http POST to your webserver with the file attached. Your web server will need to react to this POST request and process the incoming data by saving it to the SD card. Google will be the best source.