Guidence needed please .. any experts out there

Hi people, Dave here.

I need some help and it would be great if someone could give up 5 mins of there time for me

I would like to build a water drop controller for my photography hobby, ive seen oodles of pics of water collision photos and want to give it a go. ;D

could someone point me in the right direction as to the parts I need as I have no idea. I have only just come across arduino a couple of weeks ago so its all very new to me.

any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks. Dave

Take some time to go through the Arduino tutorials. There are lots of examples you can go through to learn how the “Arduino language” works.

For the specific project, you need a detection mechanism e.g. a laser beam & sensor that detects the fall of the drop. The Arduino that controls the camera and optionally a bright LED.

This, perhaps?

I haven't read it. I just noticed it because it was the next Thread after yours.


Reading material.