Heat Sink Temp. Sensor recommendation

Hi Team,

We are using a MOSFET in our application, the MOSFET will be mounted onto a heat sink with cooling fan. For temperature monitoring and safety, in brainstorming stage we are looking for a temp sensor which can be also mounted on heat sink, feeding some sort of signal to the Arduino.

Any recommendation on such temp sensor?

  1. TO-220 style (Mountable to heatsink)
  2. Feed voltage to Arduino perhaps?

Thanks, BTFDev.

A popular digital thermometer sensor is the DS18B20 - you'll find it mentioned in many threads here with example code. You could probably glue one to the heatsink with thermal adhesive.

what is the temperature range of the mosfet?

ds18b20 goes up to 125°C (and is a fine sensor)

you might check - http://www.temperatures.com/ -