Hello World Not Working

I installed Arduino 1.0.5 today and i cant get it to compile anything. I've installed on a Windows 7 Laptop and a Mac Book and neither of them compile the code below. I'm trying the most basic code:

println("Hello World!\n");

Here's the error that i receive: error: "expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before '(' token". I downloaded Procession Programming Language and it works fine on my computer. I've searched all over the web for the error and i haven't found any answers. i can't really fine system requirements for Arduino 1.0.5. I think it's some sort of Java problem because when i compile with Procession Programming Language, Java starts. Nothing of the sort happens when i compile with Ardunio 1.0.5.


The "hello world" program for the Arduino is blinking the LED.

Arduino is C and is noy dependen on any java.

Your code must be in a function. You must have a setup() and loop() function.

Check the examples.

good point, i’m following the the first example in the Make: Project “Making Things Talk” book. However… it points to Processing Programming Language as opposed to Ardunio 1.0.5 and it explains why it works and Arduino 1.0.5 doesn’t. thanks!!!

Hi jazzman81, and welcome.

Start your Arduino experience with the examples that came with it. You can find those in file - examples. You'll see Msquare's remark "You must have a setup() and loop() function." is true in the bare minimum sketch.

Have lots of fun with your Arduino.