Help! Arduino MEGA 2560 REV3 driver not found!

Help! I can't find the driver for my MEGA 2650 anywhere in my folders! if anyone has the download link please let me know!

The driver depends on which USB to TTL serial adapter chip is used on the Mega. This is the black chip nearest to the USB socket on the Mega. Official Arduino Megas and many clones use the ATmega16U2. That driver is in the drivers subfolder of your Arduino IDE installation folder. Other clones may use a different chip, most commonly CH340, CP2102, or PL2303. Since those chips are not used on the official Arduino boards, Arduino does not provide them with the Arduino IDE but you only need to go to the chip manufacturer's website to get the driver. If you can't find it, just tell us which chip your Mega uses and we'll point you to it.