Help, cannot run Aurino.exe on 64 windows 7

Hi All,

I am just getting started I down loaded the arduino 1.04 software on to my 64 windows laptop. When I tried to lauch the arduin.exe file, it gave a message saying I need Java Developement Kit 1.5.0 atleast. I tried navigating the Java websit but could not figure out of the many downloads which one I needed. Can someone point me to the correct java kit I need? Which version of the arduino software is best for 64? I did do a search but did not find me answer.

Thanks, skipper

The Arduino IDE package already comed bundled with Java, so you don't need to install another Java package.

1.0.4 is the latest and is perfectly fine on Windows 7 x64.

You might want to try eried's installer that you can get from this location:,118440.0.html

It will simplify the installation of the IDE and drivers.

Thanks for the quick response, that link worked out for me!