Help-> Creating a small vibrating remote

Hi im trying to make a small remote with 4 vibrating buttons, I thought about the easy way, a car remote case with 4 vibrating motors glued to the 4 sides of the case. Will the person who holds it, feel which motor is vibrating? Even if they're close to each over? Any other suggestions?

Thanks, Sarel

I havent tried it, but think about your mobilephone, do you feel where in the device the vibrating motor sits? I dont...

Could you have one motor but vibrate it a different speeds or pulse patterns depending on what button is pressed?

Well finally i came up with other idea, Glueing the motors to the 4 inner "walls" of the box, I think this should do the job because the vib motor of mobile phone is attached to the PCB inside and not to the case like in my case. Maybe I'll attach the "walls" of the box with two sided glued sponge so that every wall isn't attached directly to another, and it could move a bit freely. What do you think about that?

Thanks again, Sarel