Help Determining Capacitor Values

I recently purchased a collection of assorted electrical components, but I am having a hard time figuring out the values for some of the non-cylinder capacitors.

I have 3 variety of disc capacitors.

  • One has "103" printed on it, nothing more. It is also the physically largest disc capacitor in the bunch.
  • The second type has the following printed across 3 lines: "Y5P", "471K", "KCK"
  • the third has two lines, ".0015K", "X5F"

There is also a mess of Metal film and Polyester film capacitors,

"ICC PMG -1k 250F" Blue
"100T UMR -1k" Green
"CMO6FD 102J03" Brown
"2A223K" Green
"223 K5C" Blue and tiny
"224 K5C" Blue

I tried looking around on Google for the better part of an hour but I ended up just getting more confused.

One has "103" printed on it,

That is a 0.01uF - numbers are the same as resistor codes, the last digit being the number of zeros and the value is in pF so you have a 10000pF capacitor which is 10nF or 0.01uF.

The second type has the following printed across 3 lines: "Y5P", "471K", "KCK"

Y5P is the type of dielectric, the value is the 471K like before only the K adds another three zeros so the value is 470000pF or 470nF or 0.47uF. Don't know about the KCK

  • the third has two lines, ".0015K", "X5F"

Same again X5F is the dielectric but the number is a bit more vague but I would guess it indicates 15nF

Not sure about the other, that probably shows my age. :slight_smile:

If you have a recent digital multimeter, it can be used to measure the parts directly. Give it a shot.

You might find this link useful. The chart on the bottom of the link gives good examples of the numbering scheme Vs capacitance value.