Help needed with MCU-STC15F204 + NRF24L01

Hello !

I've baught this :

But since I received it, imùpossible to make it work... I need to make it work with arduino mega, due and nano but I've absolutely no results...

I've wired the vcc and GND and the RX and TX together and even reversed RX and TX but without success... Serial.println("...") or serial.write("...") seems to have no effect at all... I don't know what to do anymore...

Can you help me please ?

You normally need 2 of those as they will only talk to each other.
They usually are preset at a fixed baud rate, try 9600 or 115200 as they are the common default rates.

I tried and… Nothing more…

Can you give me more advice, test code or else ?

Can you show us what you are doing, a diagram would help.