Help needed with u8glib

Hi, first post here and just recent user of arduino. I have little experience in electronics and even a lot less in programming so this part is the hardest. For two years i am into e-bike stuff and i always needed simple stylish e-bike computer so decided to give it a go and try to build one.
i will be using three sensors, first for voltage, voltage divider, second - current sensor, will be using 100A allegro bidirectional sensor and third, hall effect sensor from hub motor.
i would like to have 4 values to be displayed:
Kilometers left on battery (Which would be calculated on averaging the draw);
Power draw in amps or watts as well as power put in to the battery on regeneration;
Odometer with stored distance in eeprom.
i came up with this layout:

My screen is 128x64 transflective with white backlight:

The driver is ST7565P:
In u8glib using:

U8GLIB_64128N u8g(13, 11, 10, 9, 8);

Could someone please help me out or direct me with programming the LCD to display correct info and tieing values from input to display output? It could be separate components and i think i could put all together and arrange as i required if there are some comments in the code.
greatly appreciated
P.S. Hope this in the right section of the forum.

So far i have integrated font for speed. its pocketCalculator:

After some edit:

Nice font. I am not sure about your question. Usually you can use "u8g.print()" or "u8g.drawStr()" to output something on the screen. The print() procedure is almost compatible to serial.print().