help please! atmega 328pu bootload problem

hello! im new to arduino n making a simple line follower using atmega328pu on breadboard with a 16MHz external clock im trying to bootload it using my USBasp...but it gives the error message as:
"cannot set sck period
target doesnt respond
double check connections:type -F to override"
ive done the connections based on the cd given in the box of usbasp
but in the list of microcontrollers supported by my usbasp..there is no atmega328...
is there any way i can get out of this problem? seniors please help...
provided i cant use arduino as an isp option since i dont have an arduino...
:slight_smile: thanks in advance

Perhaps you have an older version of USBasp. I use USBasp version 2.

Could you make a photo ? So we can check the wiring, the 22pf capacitors, GND and 5V on both sides of the ATmega328P, decoupling capacitors and so on.

Ignore the cannot set SCK period error. I've never heard of a USBAsp that worked at all which had problems with the '328p.

It is a wiring problem or a problem with your breadboarded circuit.

Make sure that: 0.1uf cap between both pairs of Vcc and Gnd pins - this should be a 0.1uf ceramic capacitor between Vcc and Gnd right next to the chip. Some diagrams, even by people who should know better, show breadboard circuits with the bypass cap practically halfway across the board. These are not reliable (last month, I had to drop a dozen PCBs (prototypes of the '85 project board in my store) I had made into my junk bin because the bypass cap wasn't close enough to the chip, and they didn't work without adding extra bypass cap closer to the chip)

Crystal and loading caps (22pf is common for through-hole crystals, but always use the values specifieqzd in the datasheet for your crystal, some use smaller caps nowadays) should be close to the chip as well, but it's not as critical. Again, I see diagrams showing the crystal halfway across the breadboard online, and that's not how you should do it. (also, sometimes on breadboard, people report that they need to omit the caps to make it work due to stray capacitance in the breadboard)

but in the list of microcontrollers supported by my usbasp..there is no atmega328...

You haven't gotten that far yet. "double check connections" is the correct step.
What program are you using to drive your USBASP? The version of AVRDude included with the arduino IDE should support ATmega328 as well as ATmega328p. If you're just looking at a printed list, I think it's pretty common not to see both chips on the list.