Help selecting a resistor for analog PIR sensor


I am using a Panasonic analog PIR sensor in a project. The exact Panasonic part number is: EKMC2609111K
I am using a ESP32 breakout board to interface with it.
I need help selecting a pull down resistor.
Documentation link:
This is what the documentation says:
"In either case, a microcomputer or a resistor needs to be chosen in accordance to V OUT , so that the output current is maximum 200μA."

I'm confused and don't know what value resistor to select. Could somebody help me please?

Use Ohms law.

(Vdd - .5v) ÷ Iout(max)

I'm not sure if I understand how to apply it in this case where the input has to be limited.

3.3V - 0.5V = 2.8V. Is the Iout 0.2mA? What is the max?

You said the maximum was 200 μA

OK so I thought you were saying in "Iout(max)" to multiply Iout by max.

So 2.8V / 0.0002 = 14000 = 14k resistor, is that right?

15k is a standard value.

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