help setting up LM393 Sound Detection Sensor Module DC4-6V Black

Hi all can some please help me to set up. LM393 Sound Detection Sensor Module DC4-6V Black.

The set up is 5v go from the module pin, to the Ardduino. GND going to the module pin and the arduino. and Oin OUT going to A0. (I am confused by what out means) Can some please help me set this Module..


Judging by the look of the circuit, I am guessing that the mic is triggering the 393 comparator,

Product Description

With a signal output instruction. One single channel output. low level output signal. When there is sound output low, lights lit. Can be used for voice-activated lights, with light sensors make a sound and light alarm, and voice control, voice detection occasions.

From the very vague product description given, it appears that output = LOW when there is sound present and vice versa.

From its spec, it appears that the 5V pin can take voltage : DC4-6V to supply the module. You connect the 5V from the Arduino board to the 5V pin on the module and GND to GND of Arduino. You read the signal on the OUT pin using the Arduino, LOW = sound present and HIGH = no sound.