help with Arduino music player"

Good Afternoon
I am a newbie , and new to Arduino , I am no electronic engineer ,but I do like building electronic kits for grand children ,and I do repair most mobiles and tablets etc which I solder minute smd components into these machines or change screens lcds etc etc but use YouTube to trouble shoot the problems.such as back lights (fuse) diodes most components ,so slight knowledge.

My Question is I want to build a small audio system for the down stairs loo, so when the light is turned on music plays automatic either on a loop of 10 songs or many song loaded to a SD card? but it must be complete automatic so when gets to the end it starts to replay or radon songs as this will be in roof void not easy to get to ....wife has had an idea to decorate the loo in a 70s theme thus the music .and ticket from gigs that we have been to many thanks Steve (broomy)

I suggest you change your title so it describes what you want help with - perhaps "help with Arduino music player" - as that way you will be more likely to catch the attention of people who can help you. If you edit your Original Post you can change the title.

I think it should be straightforward to do what you want with an Arduino and an MP3 player module - but I am familiar with Arduinos and music


a loop of 10 songs or many song... in a 70s theme

Only needs to be 3 :wink:

Well, the interesting topic title "help" drew my attention :slight_smile:

And then it got even more interesting... A 70's themed toilet in the basement, why.. just why.... :slight_smile:
(mean that in a joking kind of way)

However, I think this could be very useful:

Might look a bit challenging as a beginner, but learning something new with a challenge is a good way to learn. And it looks like all the info you need is on that page.


You seem to struggling with the forum a bit. You quoted the advice of changing the title twice and replied to me privately instead of posting here.


  • Go to your first post, click edit, change the title to “Arduino MP3 player”
  • Post replies in your thread, not via private messages. So others can read and reply too.

But you asked what you need. It’s basically all in this diagram:

  • An Arduino board. A nano or micro would do too
  • The DFPlayer board
  • A small speaker (<3W)
  • Wires, resistor(s) and maybe a light dependent resistor to make the music play when the light is on

Many thanks for the help with this project still waiting for the parts to come . I do apologise for posting messages wrongly ,and I am truly grateful for the help I have been given so far

broomy (Steve)

No worries, view those as tips :slight_smile:

Good luck on the project !