Help with NTE74HC4067 mux

Hello, trying to integrate a mux to my project to handle multiple analog inputs.

Having an issue where it seems that mux values dont seem to be different. I set bits to 0000 reading is say 500, change to 0001 reading is still 500 even though readings should be different.

I attached an image of how the NTE74HC4067 is wired. The analog inputs going into the mux and to A1 from the photo resistors are just there to show thats where my inputs are coming in at. In reality the two inputs going into the mux are from moisture sensors, the 3rd input going to A1 is a third moisture sensor not wired to the mux that that i can use it as a reference to see if the mux is working correctly, hopefully that makes sense.

 int s0 = 0;
  int s1 = 1;
  int s2 = 2;
  int s3 = 3;

void setup() {


void loop() {

  int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);
  Serial.print(" right sensor 0000: ");
  Serial.print( sensorValue);

  sensorValue = analogRead(A0);
  Serial.print(" left sensor 0001: "); 
  sensorValue = analogRead(A1);
  Serial.print(" non muxed: " );

here is the data sheet i used:

heres my output:(note right sensor is in open air, left sensor and non muxed are in a cup of water)

right sensor 0000: 159 left sensor 0001: 143 non muxed: 223

right sensor 0000: 115 left sensor 0001: 128 non muxed: 266

right sensor 0000: 153 left sensor 0001: 113 non muxed: 302

right sensor 0000: 149 left sensor 0001: 120 non muxed: 322

heres my output:(all sensors in open air)
right sensor 0000: 739 left sensor 0001: 762 non muxed: 1020

right sensor 0000: 741 left sensor 0001: 732 non muxed: 1020

right sensor 0000: 745 left sensor 0001: 749 non muxed: 1020

You need to wire all the inputs of the mux to something, at least a 10K resistor to ground.

That circuit looks wrong because you need a pul, up on each of those sensors.

Inputs have pull ups. Did not realize all mux inputs needed a load. I will add those and see how it goes. Thanks very much!

  int s0 = 0;
  int s1 = 1;

You should also avoid using digital pins 0 & 1. They are used for sketch upload & serial monitor.

Ah that I also did not know. I'll change that as well .thanks!

made the changes above and shes workin like a charm now! thanks.

Anyone care to explain to me why the non used mux inputs must have a resistor to ground?

actually looks like it was just related to using d pins 1 and 2.

spacecadet5280: actually looks like it was just related to using d pins 1 and 2.

You mean 0 & 1?