Help with serial port and RS485

Dear members, I have a power meter which has a RS485 Modbus interface with float32 registers, an Controllino MEGA (Arduino Mega) - all the details can be found here:

The problem is that I can't read any registers with the example library provided by the Controllino team (CONTROLLINO_Library/MEGA/DemoModbusRTUMaster at master · CONTROLLINO-PLC/CONTROLLINO_Library · G)
It seems to open and establish the connection with meter, sending packets, but the library is not built to manage float32 received packets.

After I tried different libraries with no success, I found this one: GitHub - EnviroDIY/SensorModbusMaster: An Arduino library to act as Modbus Master to control a sen
It seems to know how to manage received packets, but I need help from you to make connection side with setting from example library.