Help With TFT 1.77" LCD Display needed

Hallo Everyone,
I'm new to this.
I'm trying to connect a TFT 1.77" LCD Display to a arduino mega 2560 or UNO but with no luck.
see: Arduino TFT LCD scherm - HobbyElectronica
I use de code and pin numbers under section Arduino Code but still no text on the screen only a white background.
The pin definitions are
// pin definition for the Uno
#define cs 10 -- is this the CS-ld
#define dc 9 -- is this the D/C - LD
#define rst 8

I have tried all arduino software including the latest nightly build.
Please help.

I figured it out...

Next Problem,
Tried several SD-Card. But can get pass the initialization failed problem.
Formatted them in every way possible, tried it on a UNO and MEGA.
Latest nightly build etc etc but still initialization failed.

Please help


For those newbies like me.
If you want it on a MEGA 2560 You have to change pin 4 with pin 53.
And in your code you have to put pinMode(53, OUTPUT); "and" digitalWrite(53, HIGH); before the if (!SD.begin(sd_cs)) line.
Thanks to the arduino support for pointing me to the right post about the code.