Help with Thermostatic Mixer control

Hello all,

Newbie here.

I recently purchased a digital thermostatic mixer for my upcoming bathroom renovations.

The thermostatic mixer has a small console that controls temp adjustment to the mixer.
the mixer is just like a faucet mixer but controlled with a stepper motor.
The console has temperature control and temp display. The temp control buttons are also touch sensitive.

My plan is to have a Faucet and a N.O. latching Piezoelectric switch controlling a slow close water valve to allow or not allow water flow.
With another 2 N.O momentary Piezo switches to control temp adjustment (I like the aesthetic look of buttons and not the console)
I basically want the temp and water flow controlled from 3 piezo switches and the console hidden or not installed, if able.

I did a tear down of the mixer and found 4 cables running to the console, 5vdc (red), GRND (Black), CLK (yellow) and DAT (blue). Pictured*

I recently learnt that the mixer is using a Clocked Serial Bus for communication, I’m hoping its i2c.

I want to try and decode the mixer’s console Clock speed and the Data transfered. By doing this i think i can send a signal (raise/lower temp) to the mixer from a nodemcu esp8266, activated by a hardware pin from a NO Piezo switch.

Any help is greatly appreciated, also my arduino is pretty limited so please excuse me if i say something stupid.

Thank you

And if you get it wrong or something fails and you or someone else gets scalded by super hot water, who will you complain to?


Well this would all be done on a test table beforehand but I dont look for people to complain to regardless, I was taught to take responsibility for my own actions, Paul the douche.