Help with transducers

I’ve been working on a personal project for a few years now - with limited success, largely because of difficulties sourcing the various bits of necessary kit. When I discovered the Arduino site last week, that was half of my problem solved! A microcontroller that actually works in the hands of a relative novice! Brilliant! I ordered mine immediately. It arrived today and I’ve had great fun playing with it ever since. All I need now - and this brings me to the main purpose of this message - is a miniature, low power, environmentally-sealed pressure transducer of the kind used in Dive Watches and Dive Computers. I’m having great difficulty sourcing one. I understand that SMI (Silicon Microstructures Incorporated) manufacture such an item (SM5106) but they only sell it in die format and in wafer quantities. I’m not tooled-up to deal with dies and wafers just yet - I need a packaged component, just one or two to start with, so I can develop my prototype. Does any Arduino forum member know where I might acquire such a transducer? Even a salvaged pressure sensor from a broken dive watch or dive computer would help me to get started. If I can get my prototype working, I can promise a great story for the Exhibition forum on how Arduino can help tackle the Mysteries of the Deep!