High Speed Snake Robot Powered by Arduino Mega

Hi All,

I wanted to share the results of my project, a high speed snake robot:

R2G2: Robot with Rectilinear Gait for Ground Operations

This robot uses exaggerated rectilinear gait to move through cluttered spaces. The new gait enables it to overcome limitations of slow speeds associated with the body undulation based locomotion.

It is composed of:

Arduino Mega Microcontroller
10 Hitec HS-7940TH Servomotors
8 Hitec HS-7950TH Servomotors



My snake robot.JPG

That is awesome!!!

Very well done, any chance to see some tech details?

Interesting and a very unique approach

That's very cool! You state on your youtube comments that the actuators are servo motors; are they standard R/C hobby servos, or are they something custom? The mounts/body segments in the picture look custom fabricated as well...?

Well done!

Thank all for the support! @cr0sh, The mounts and the segments are 3D printed custom pieces. The servos are standard R/C hobby size, but in the high torque range.