Hitachi hd44780 compatible LCD on a MCP23S17 via SPI

Hello, I just started with C/C++ and the Adruino IDE.
For my project I use multiple MCP23S17 connected to the SPI port on the Adruino.

I use the MPC23S17.h library for the MCP23S17 extenders.

On the picture you can see that I have a few LEDs and a button connected to a first MPC23S17 (000).
Also I have the LCD connected to the Adruino (7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2). For the LCD I use the LiquidCrystal. h library.

Now I want to connect my LCD on the second MCP23S17 (001). How should I approach this.

best regards, Edwin Noorlander

Now I made this sketch. And it works. :slight_smile: (1.58 KB)

Glad we could help :)

Have you been working on this for the last year? Maybe you should have bumped the thread.