HM6343 change update rate

I have been using the following arduino code to try to change the compass module update rate between
1,5 and 10 hz
I modify the 4 line as follows
0x02 for 10Hz
0x01 for 5 hz
0x00 doe 1 hz

however I can not see any change in the speed of the serial.print speed nor any additional values

do I need to do something else???

Thanks in advance

Wire.write(0x05); // EEPROM address of Operational Mode Register 2
Wire.write(0x02); // (OM2_1 = 1 && OM2_0 = 0) == 10Hz operation

do I need to do something else?

Please post the whole sketch [u]in code tags[/u]. We can't see if the way that you print has an effect on how fast printing takes place.

After reading your response I noticed there was a fixed delay in the loop that was impacting the changes I was making to the register. Now fixed Many thanks