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Hi Everyone,
I’m trying to automate my blinds to operate at sunset and sunrise. The first step is to try and copy the code from the remote which is 433Mhz. The brand is Qmotion from the US (I’m based in Australia). I uploaded the RCswitch sketch to my Arduino Uno and connected a receiver. When I tried to read the code nothing was produced on the serial monitor. Does anyone know how I might go about replicating the code so the Arduino will operated the blinds? I blinked the LED on pin 13 to make sure the Arduino was operating ok (only just received it the other day).
Thanks all.

Ok looks like while I ordered a 433Mhz transmitter and receiver the receiver is actually 315Mhz (has the code XL-R03A on the back which after a google search I can only find the 315Mhz model coming up). Just ordered a new 433Mhz receiver so I can give that a crack. Does anyone know how to test a receiver to make sure it's working when I receive it? eg maybe make an LED flash when it's receiving a signal. Cheers.

Use the RCSwitch demo transmit/receive sketches. You will need 2 Arduno's. Load transmitter sketch and connect transmitter to one Arduino. Load receiver sketch and connect receiver to other Arduino. You can light the LED on the receiving Arduino.

A 315Mhz receiver will pick up a 433Mhz transmitter at very close range (10cm).

Try the RCSwitch receiving demo. If it works, you will see a code.

This remote could be use a custom code. Leo..

Thanks Aisc, I saw that sketch online, I'll have to see if I can borrow a mates Arduino. I've only got the one at the moment so was hoping to get away with that but looks like I'll have to borrow one to test it properly.

Thanks Leo, I had the remote right next to the receiver and nothing. I guess if I do the test like Aisc mentioned it'll make sure my Arduino and tx/rx kit are working properly. I attached photos of the internals of the remote I'm trying to clone if that's any use? I ordered a new RX just in case, it was only $1 on eBay, haha.

Does anyone know how a custome code might operate? I thought most 433Mhz remote systems would be pretty standard but my knowledge of comms systems is a bit lacking.

Cheers All.

Most RF remotes use a standard coding IC, but this one seems to use a PIC processor.
Any code could be in there.

Aussie_Joe: Thanks Aisc, I saw that sketch online,...

The sketches are in the examples folder of the library. In the IDE go to : File > Examples > RCSwitch >... You will see Receive and Send demo.

You can take the guts of the send/receive demos and build it into your custom code - that's what I did.

You wouldn't happen to know a good link that exmplains how the different codes might operate just so I have a better understanding? The annoying thing is they have a remote in the US that lets you program the blinds for sunset and sunrise but they haven't provided anything outside of the US. That's what got me interested in trying arduino as a solution. In the mean time I'll try and test my current kit, I guess basics to start is to make sure your equipment is working, haha.

Some information can be found here

If the remote does not use the popular PT2262 (RCswitch) scheme, you will have to decode the protocol yourself. There are many other possibilities, including custom encoding schemes which you can just duplicate (rather than understand).

Most people use a simple receiver and Audacity to look at the raw signal. See for example http://rayshobby.net/interface-with-remote-power-sockets-final-version/

i am kumar

sir i am using project for PIR sensor to operate on remote how to operate by the code .could you please send me the code as soon as possible

Ok I got my new receiver and transmitter kit on the weekend. Tried hooking up the receiver again to my Arduino and loading up RC_switch Sketch Demo and hitting buttons on the remote while watching the serial monitor and nothing. Tried the Sketch Advanced from RC_Switch and nothing either so I think you guys are right that it’s a different coding.
Just to check out the Rx and Tx I borrowed a mates Arduino and connected the Rx to one and the Tx to the other. Can’t remember the name of the sketch I found but didn’t seem to work. I just realised in the thread Aisc said to load the RC_Swtich sketch receive in one and transmit in the other. Once I do that how would I know if they’re communicating? Could I connect them both to 2 separate PC’s and send text from one serial monitor to the other?
What I’ll do next like jremington recommended is I’ll try the audio cable to the PC from the rayshobby.net link.

Aussie_Joe - I am attempting to control my Qmotion blinds also, and I also have not been able to sniff the commands transmitted from the remote. I was wondering whether you have made any progress since October?

In my implementation, I was planning to control the height of the blind based on sun position (azimuth and altitude) to minimise the extent to which direct sunlight entered the room.

Hi Aussie_Joe, I maybe able to help you shortly. I have been working on (yet another) RF remote control library that will decode and encode+ transmit for multiple devices. Currently the library is decoding 4 different protocols including the more complex LightwaveRF stuff.

I say help shortly because at the moment I am developing the code on a Teensy 3.1 board but will port it to Arduino (Uno, Mega and Due) in the next week or so.

I'll let you know when I have code you can test, my sketch also includes a debug device driver to help decode unknown signals.

Regards Monty

If you are still trying to "sniff" your remote code(s), see my Post with instructions on using my library to decode the signal(s).

Or you can grab my project from Sourceforge RFLink It allows easy debugging/sniffing of RF signals and supports dozens of protocols already.

See the device/protocol list here It is also used to control RF devices for home automation projects like Domoticz / Jeedom etc.

Hi Monty, sorry I haven't been on here for a while. I've tried downloading your decode to my arduino and testing it out but it still doesn't seem to read the code from my q-motion remote. I have the - Ready in the monitor but that's as far as it goes. I pulled out the wire on pin 2 just to make sure it was in correctly and it started scrolling collecting information then stopped when I put the wire back in. Tried the remote again and still nothing. Any ideas as to what I might be able to do or if I'm doing anything wrong? Just using a basic receiver module plugged into Pin 2 like you mention and the other 2 legs to 5V and GND. Thanks for the help Monty.