How can I duplicate the 5V and GND pins on the Arduino nano board?

There are not enough 5V nor GND pins on the nano board for our project. We can't use it on breadboard. We are waiting for your help.

We need to see a schematic of what you plan to do.

There is a 5V and ground pin available on the ICSP connector.

Solder some wires to both pins or the corresponding pads on the pcb.

connect them to the power rail lines on your breadboard, and make the other connections there..

But that was out of the question apparently.

Use strip board; you can solder plenty of 5V and GND connections to it :wink:

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thanks for your answer!

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There are not enough 5V nor GND pins on the arduino nano board for our project. That's why we're thinking of having a new electronic card manufactured. We are wondering how we will use ICs and how many 5V and GND we will use at most. We look forward to your help.

Probably one of each if you make a new printed circuit board.

You don’t need a separate power and ground pin on your Arduino for every device. You can make do with just one of each in any project no matter how big. Simply wire them all up to the same pin.

OK, so the Arduino is the first time you have ever become involved in electronics. :astonished:

Well, you firstly need to know what you are doing.

What do you think you are doing? :roll_eyes:

One of the first steps in designing and electronic circuit is to draw a schematic. Then you will know how many connections of each type will be required. The PC board is designed from the schematic.

How to draw a schematic for beginners.

KiCad, a free schematic and PC board design program.

We know well what we are doing. We are looking for a solution to an emerging problem. If you don't have any knowledge or solution to solve the problem, you might not write. Thanks for your interest anyway.

Thank you for your help

Thank you for your help!