How can I easily monitor Arduino information in VB


I guess I'm pretty new at this and learning. I've been reading and working with examples but haven't found anything to work. I'm looking for the bare bones method of viewing just one analog output on the arduino preferably in Visual Basic, or any other Visual Studio language. Andrew Craigie has his Firmata examples available that look very nice but I have yet to get the examples to work. His components seem to be the best start for me. Can anyone help me out? I don't need anything fancy, simpler the better. I appreciate it!

The easiest way is to have the Arduino write the analog data to the serial port. Visual Basic, Visual C++ and C# all have classes for reading serial data.

There was a thread recently in the Exhibition section where a guy was sending data from a C# application to the Arduino. If you know C#, it provides details of finding the available serial ports and connecting to a serial port. His example had the C# application sending data, but it can be adapted to make it into a receiver.

I did that, but it is involved, because it requires a separate thread to deal with incoming data, and that thread can’t write directly to the form elements. This requires another thread that can interact with the form elements.

PM me, and I could send you a sample C# application that talks to, and reads replies from, the Arduino.

Here is some VB2005 code that reads a comma seperated string of 16 integers sent from 16 slidepots connected to an Arduino board.

Don't be fooled by the VS solution name, it's just because i used some example code i found elsewhere on the net.

As far as i remember the Arduino code is not in the zip file, but all it does is read 16 slidepots with analogRead(), and then send the values over Serial.