How can I speed up the start of the Arduino-IDE?

Hi everybody,

starting the Arduino-IDE takes about 60 seconds on my Laptop.
for comparing it to other software starting chrome without anything preloaded takes 5 seconds
So my Laptop with a professional SSD is pretty fast. Though starting the Arduino-IDE takes very long.

How can I speed up starting the IDE? Are there any options to disable searching online for updates or any other tricks?

best regards Stefan

Ensure that the IDE locations are EXEMPT from antivirus scans or similar.

Turn off the check for updates in the preferences.

Make sure you are NOT using network sketch locations such as ONEDRIVE, MYDRIVE or other cloud related storage etc.

Search (upper right) for slow ide.

Those should shave off a considerable amount of time.

And if you have a billion libraries installed ( :smiley: ), clean it out. The IDE reads all of them to populate the examples.

In addition to the excellent suggestions made above, I've also seen reports of slowness caused by a huge number of sketches listed in the recent.sketches property of preferences.txt. You can find the location of preferences.txt at the bottom of the Arduino IDE's File > Preferences.

Hi all,

thank you for the tips.

I reduced the number of recent sketches.
It made the startup a little faster but not too much.

best regards Stefan

@StefanL38 submitted a feature request related to this discussion:


I added a second issue speeding up the IDE-start through limiting the entries in preferences recent.sketches= · Issue #10963 · arduino/Arduino · GitHub
about the too much entries in recent_sketches-item
best regards Stefan