How do I make one key piano keyboard?

I need a cirquit that will play one piano note when I press the button. Which note.. does not matters.sound should not be pure but I wish it realy to sound like piano note. How do I do that and what do I need for that? I have:

  1. Arduino 2009 Duemilanove ATMEGA168 Board
  2. 16x2 HD44780 White character & Blue BL LCD
  3. 400 Points Breadboard
  4. 70 pcs Breadboard Wire
  5. 24C16 - 2K I2C CMOS Serial EEPROM
  6. DS1307 - 64 x 8, Serial, I2C Real-Time Clock
  7. 32.768KHz Crystal For DS1307
  8. 74HC595 - 8-bit serial-in, serial or parallel-out shift register with output latches
  9. LM324 - Low Power Quad Operational Amplifier
  10. LM386 - Low voltage audio power amplifier
  11. ULN2003 - 7 channel high current darlington array
  12. 3mm Red LED x 5, Green LED x 5, Yellow LED x 5
  13. 5 x Red Mini Push Button Momentary Switch
  14. 5 x Black Mini Push Button Momentary Switch
  15. Proto & Servo Shield ProtoShield PCB For ARDUINO
  • lots of resistors and piezo elements. And i can buy more things if needed.

Please give example. I'm noob at electronics and noob in English so please don't link me to some kind of tons of information which is useless for ppl like me.

Just what's the cirquit, and what's the programm.

I understand programming very well if that helps.

I just don't believe there's no way to do that.

And i can buy more things if needed.

can't you read? what exactly should I get? It should sound similar, at least just a bit. (Btw, I don't consider square waves being similar to piano.)

what’s that? so can you answer?


Adafruit wave shield

Adafruit wave shield with SD card and speaker

The wave shield would let you play back a 22KHz 16bit mono *.wav file. Of what I've seen so far, that's the easiest way to get playback of a recognizable "piano" note. There are some interesting arduino projects out there that make "synth" sounds but getting a good piano sound with arduino alone would take a great deal of cleverness.

Bitstream (1 bitDAC)

God bless you.

You only need one sheet of paper, an inkjet printer and look at the following website. :o

Note: The site is in Spanish, but in the top left of the page is an automatic translator, and I think there are many pictures …