How do I use a logic level converter?

Sorry for multiple posts, just figured they were two different topics.

I’ve got a sensor ( that works off 5v, and I want to use it with my DUE - so I got one of these

I’m wondering how to actually hook it up…

Here’s my guess, could someone tell me if this is wrong?

DUE txb0108 hc sr04
3.3v VCCA
b1 trig
b2 echo
Pin 6 a1
Pin 7 a2

Hi gerry87, Never used that components but from what i read from the datasheet i noticed one mistake.

OE is 'output enable'. When it is high which means connected to VCCA (AND NOT VCCB), the output are enabled. If it is low (connected to GND), like you did, the outputs are in high impedance state thus disabled. So connect OE to 3,3V.

The rest seems fine!

Thanks mehdio, I connected 3.3v to OE and did the rest as in my post, worked perfectly!

np. Glad it worked!

Hello, i’m trying to use this sensor with arduino pro mini 3.3v and sparkfun logic level converter.

Could anyone help me to wire it correctly? I checked voltage with multimeter and on high side it shows zero. I have two wires from battery to low side and two wires out to hc-sr04 5v sensor (gnd nad vcc)

Got a link? Need to see the schematic.

Here is my schematics

I don't see any schematic. I see 2 blurry humongous pictures of boards & wires with no indication of what is connected to what, or what is what even. Can you draw a few blocks on a piece of paper and clearly show what pins are connected to what pins? And scale it down to no more than 1000 pixels wide before you post it. You must have written something down so you could tell everything was connected when you were done, yes?

Thank you. Attached new one.

This is the level converter?

You have to provide it with 3.3V on the LV pin and 5V on the HV pin.
I see voltage on one side from the battery.
I don’t see the other side being powered at all.
Here’s a schematic of the board

You can see where HV is an input that needs to be powered.

You are not running any signals thru the converter? What is your thoughts on what it is supposed to be doing for your circuit? It is intended to change 5V control signals down to say 3.3, 1.8V, etc, and 1.8 or 3.3V level signals up to 5V. It will not change the Power lines for you.
If you are thinking it will make 5V to power (the ping sensor?) it will not do that.
For that you need a boost regulator, such as:

(and conveniently on sale!)

Thank you, CrossRoads. Got the answer. Yes i'm trying to boost up voltage.

Can I use this for boost up voltage?

No. That is also used to change the levels of control signals.

If you are thinking it will make 5V to power (the ping sensor?) it will not do that.
For that you need a boost regulator, such as:

Very glad I read this post. Thanks very much for this, Crossroads.

I have since ordered a few of said regulators (slightly different model) for use with a 3.3v arduino and an SR04.

I was wondering if there’s a schematic online to show me how to wire this before I have to come o here and ask about it? :wink:

Many thanks!