How many LEDs (WS2812B) can I connect to each pin on ArduinoMega

Hello !

I want to know how many LEDs (WS2812B) can I connect to EACH pin on the Arduino Mega ?

I have 7 strips of 50 LEDs each one. So in total I have 350 LEDs.

Also I am doing a long distance installation if you have any recommendations on that I'd very much appreciate it!

Thank you !

see page 3 of the datasheet:

LED WS2812B Input current = ± 1 µA,
As each Arduino output pin supports up to 20 mA, and that on each strip only the first LED consumes current from the pin, theoretically you can connect up to 20 / 0.001 = 20,000 Strips.
RV mineirin

What does that mean? Your Mega is in New York and your strips are in Africa?

You do need 3 bytes of RAM for each pixel. Although i've actually seen a method that removes the break and sends data from progmem.

thank you so much for your quick response!! =)

If I understand correctly I could I actually run all the 350 LEDs from one pin ?

I have the circuitry handled with an external power source and I'm feeding power at the begging of each strip, so power wise I'm set.

Also any idea on the maximum distance there can be between the Arduino and the first LED?

hahaha no! I'm sorry English is not my first language!

It means the installation will extend through 40-50 meters

The only thing that you need to worry about from a driving perspective is the distance of the first led of a strip to the Mega. You can daisy chain strips; output of the one to input of the next one. Or you can connect each strip to a different pin.

Be aware that you will have to apply 5V at points roughly every 50 leds.

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Thank you for your answer!

Not a lot. There are ways to extend the distance, but as is, probably anywhere between 1 and 5 meters, depending on the cable you use. If you add a TTL-chip every few meters you can extend the distance. If you use 2 max485 transceivers and cat5 UTP cable you can cover up to about 80 meters.

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