How place an usb connector 5 cm above the pcb

Hello fellas i want to place a smd usb connector 1 cm above the pcb because of case design. It is possible to do that designing another pcb just for usb connector and link the boards with headers. Is there any cheaper way to do that i dont know any component for this purpose

You can get panel mount USB sockets, then just connect it to the board with the wire. Seems like that will be more durable too since pressure on the socket won't be relayed to solder joints.

The panel mounted socket seems to be the best way to go here. You can even get USB 3.0 ones, and they really don't cost much extra. Have a look on eBay, even if just for a reference to see what's out there.

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Or you can use stand-off spacers and a small USB breakout board.

You've said 1 cm in the text and this would be OK. Not for 5cm though, as you've said in the title.