how to build guitar tuner???

hye guys.i just want to ask about making new it possible to make a guitar tuner using only arduino duemilanove atmega 328 and few LEDs?if so,how the code look like?sorry im a newbie to arduino.can someone point me to the right direction??thanks btw.

i forgot to arduino reads the frequency from the guitar in the code?i just cant understand.pls help

This site looks like it has what you need:


Why don't you use a CI that convert the frequency to a tension? then this tension is compared by the arduino board with differents tensions corresponding to a note...

for exeample:

If you don't understand my idea to do it...tell me i will do a schematic.

Have fun

Can you use a microphone (or jack) and read the signal -- and detect the frequency? Yes.

There are examples on this site and in the various Arduino books.

Try the Evil Genius Series and the Arduino Cookbook -- both mentioned many times here.

Could I do this? Yes -- in a day or two of time to find the parts and and write the code -- mostly by grabbing stuff already done...

Use the Search function and try different wordings -- frequency, tune, count etc. You will find code...

Hey there!

I built something like this around xmas 2008. I wrote a small blurb about it here:

Hope this helps!

This one!?